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Last updated December 29, 2009

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Central Plant Services

Bob Huling, Central Plant Supervisor

Emergency Phone: (602) 543-5026 or Cell (602) 909-2345

Some of you may have seen the Central Plant and wondered what goes on here. It is our hope that this page will inform you of our mission and share with you our commitment to provide you with the best service of its kind.

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Our mission is to operate and maintain facilities efficiently, economically and safely, and to ensure that a comfortable learning environment exists on campus.


We Deliver Total Customer Satisfaction.


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The Central Plant Team of Facilities Development & Management Department is responsible for the upkeep and operation of plant mechanical systems, campus high voltage system, fire control systems and exterior lighting controls systems. The Plant works with Building Services, Grounds, Administrative and Facilities Development Teams. Central Plant is comprised of Plant Engineers and Energy Management Specialist who work directly with the Central Plant Supervisor..


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Energy Management services are provided by an Energy Management Specialist, 543-5025 who works with the Trades, Central Plant Services, and the General Maintenance Teams. All work orders for this service are issued through the service desk at 602-543-3200.


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The Central Plant (CP) at West commenced operations in 1988 to serve the first two Campus buildings. The Fletcher Library was completed in 1988 and the Sands Classroom Building and Kiva hall in 1989. At that time the Central Plant (CP) had two 500 ton chillers and one 750,000 gallon underground thermal storage tank.

In 1990 the Central Plant was increased in size to serve the second phase of campus expansion which included: Faculty Administration Building (FAB), University Center Building (UCB), Classroom Lab/ Computer Classroom Building (CLCC), and Central Services Complex (CSC), which were completed in 1991. During this phase one 1,000 ton chiller, one 750,000 gallon underground thermal storage tank and increased pumping capacity were added to the Central Plant. In 1993 additional cooling was added through installation of a plate and frame heat exchanger, which provides low cost cooling to the campus five months per year.

In 2002 the Central Plant was increased in size to serve the third phase of campus expansion which included: Classroom Lab/Computer Classroom Building expansion (CLCC), and Lecture Hall, which was completed in 2003. During this phase, one 1,000 ton chiller, a thousand ton plate and frame heat exchanger and a 750,000 gallon underground thermal storage tank with increased pumping capacity were added. These additions increased the total plant chiller capacity to 3,000 tons with 2,000 tons of plate and frame capacity and 2,225,000 gallons of thermal storage capacity. With the addition of Phase III to the central plant, the university continues to provide low cost cooling during off peak hours of electrical generation from the local utility.


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All scheduled events that require cooling, heating or ventilation should contact Events Scheduling at 543-7751. Any unscheduled request for cooling, heating or ventilation after hours nights, weekends may call 543-5026. If there is no answer call cell 602-909-2345 and leave your phone number. Callers must indicate building, room number, name and requested start and stop times. Up to four hours of cooling or heating shall be provided per call. If less time is required for cooling, heating or ventilation please call before you leave the building, with your help we can keep cost at a minimum.


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Heating, cooling and ventilation operates during normal business hours. After hours weekends or holidays all request for cooling or heating call (602) 543-5026 or Cell (602) 909-2345.


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