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Campus Environment Team at the West campus

The Campus Environment Team (CET), an advisory group to the Provost, promotes a positive, harmonious campus environment that celebrates individual and group diversity, promotes individualism, provides information to the campus community, and resolves issues in such a manner as to respect all persons and their dignity.

Activities of the CET include:

ASU is committed to diversity. We have a number of organizations and agencies on the West campus focused on diversity issues. We are working diligently to make the goals and objectives of diversity, which are articulated in many of our documents, a felt reality. We have great hopes for a positive future and are committed to continuing such ideals as:

  1. student-centeredness,
  2. shared governance,
  3. good lines of communication,
  4. open processes,
  5. fair treatment of all, and perhaps most importantly:
  6. valuing the contribution of all members of our community.