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Patricia Marques Friedrich, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor - Rhetoric and Composition

Office: FAB N234
Phone: (602) 543-6160
E-mail: Patricia.Friedrich@asu.edu

Education: Linguistics with emphasis in Sociolinguistics and Historical Linguistics Ph.D., Purdue University

Dr. Friedrich is a sociolinguist whose main research interests are World Englishes and the spread of English throughout the world (which includes the politics of English and its interaction with social and economic phenomena). Her curiosity about languages and cultures has led her to become involved in cross-cultural examinations especially in how national culture and language impact business making and organizational practices. Dr. Friedrich is also attracted to writing, particularly ESL, and the teaching of writing across different fields as well as investigating methodological aspects of research designs for the humanities. She has published articles in journals such as World Englishes (where she has also been a guest editor), International Journal of Applied Linguistics, and English Today. Originally from Brazil, Dr. Friedrich has lived in Argentina, and in the Midwest.

First Year Composition, Rhetoric and Grammar, Persuasive Writing, and Introduction to Academic Writing.

Publication Highlights:

“(Re) experiencing Hegemony: The Linguistic Imperialism of Robert Phillipson,” International Journal of Applied Linguistics, 8(2), with Berns et al, 1998.

“Hegemonic Discourse Revisited,” International Journal of Applied Linguistics, 9(1), with Berns et al, 1999.

“English in Brazil: Functions and Attitudes. World Englishes, 9(2), 215-223, 2000.

“English in Advertising and Brand Naming: Sociolinguistic Considerations and the Case of Brazil,” English Today, 18, 21-28, 2002.

“World Englishes Symposium: Teaching World Englishes in Two South American Countries,” World Englishes, 21(3), 451-454, 2002.

“English and the MBA: Perceptions of power and status in Argentina,” World Englishes 22(2), 160-172, 2003.

“Introduction: English and the Other Forgotten Continent,” World Englishes, 22(2), 83-90, with Berns, 2003.

“English in South America: Selected Bibliographical Resources,” World Englishes, 22(2), 211-214, with Berns, 2003.

“(Re) experiencing Hegemony: The Linguistic Imperialism of Robert Phillipson,” with Berns et al, Controversies in Applied Linguistics, edited by Barbara Seidlhofer,

2003 (authorized appearance).

“When Teaching in English Is One’s Business: Helping Business Faculty Use English as an International Language of Education,” In Teaching English from a Global Perspective. Edited by Anne Burns (forthcoming).

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