Syllabi Collection

Syllabi Collection

Integrating Race/Ethnicity into the Political Science Curriculum

In March of 1996 several scholars (Manuel Avalos, Arizona State University West; Paula McClain,University of Virginia; Donald Nakanishi, UCLA; Joseph Stewart, University of Texas at Dallas; and David Wilkins, University of Arizona) conducted a workshop on Integrating Race and Ethnicity into the Political Science Curriculum at the Annual Meetings of the Western Political Science Association in San Francisco, CA.

As part of the workshop, syllabi were collected from around the country from scholars who teach such courses. Below are a collection of syllabi collected for the workshop organized by topic.

Race\Ethnic\Minority Politics Courses

African American Politics Courses

Latino/Chicano Politics Courses

Native American Politics Courses

Miscellaneous Courses Incorporating Race and Ethnicity

Race and Ethnic Group Resources on the World Wide Web

This collection of course syllabi is a work in progress. If you have course syllabi you would like to contribute to this web page you may add your syllabi in one of three ways:

If you have a personal web page where your syllabi reside, simply send me your jump link, and the titles of the syllabi.

You may send me a copy of your syllabi via e-mail at the address below.

You may send an ASCII file of your syllabi on a DOS formatted diskette to the following address:

Professor Manuel Avalos
Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Arizona State University West
P.O. Box 37100
Phoenix, AZ 85069-7100

Race and Ethnic Group Resources on the World Wide Web

Below are a list of homepages I have found useful in finding social and political resource information on the web. I hope that some of these sites may be of interest to you.

Latino Home Pages

CLNET Home Page
The Tomas Rivera Center
Saludos Web--Hispanic Resource Index
Chicano Studies Research Center
Latino Resources on the Net
LatinoLink Home Page
Home Page for IPRNet®
MCLR Home Page
LatinoWeb Resources

Other Race/Ethnic Group Home Pages

NativeWeb Home Page
African Studies WWW (U. Penn)
American Studies Web: Race and Ethnicity
Meanderings - An African American Journal of Politics, Art and Culture

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