Mapping the Learning Space: An Ongoing NLII Research Project

Deeper Learning
Teaching Practices
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Learning is ACTIVE when...

  • engaged in solving real-world problems- Merrill
  • intertwined in judgment and exploration- John Seeley Brown
  • situated in action- John Seeley Brown
  • uses active learning techniques- Chickering
  • practice and reinforcement is emphasized- Marchese
  • involvement in real-world tasks is emphasized- Marchese

  • opportunities for cognitive apprenticeship- John Seeley Brown
  • reciprocity and cooperation among students- Chickering
  • prompt feedback- Chickering
  • encouragement of contact between student and faculty- Chickering
  • emphasis on rich, timely feedback- Marchese

Learning is CONTEXTUAL as...
  • new knowledge builds on the learner's existing knowledge- Merrill
  • new knowledge is integrated into the learner's world- Merrill
  • new knowledge is demonstrated to the learner-Merrill
  • students have a deep foundation of factual knowledge- Bransford
  • there is awareness that students come to the classroom with preconceptions -Bransford
  • it focuses on how the world works- Bransford
  • students understand facts and ideas in the context of a conceptual framework-Bransford
  • it is made concrete rather than abstract- John Seeley Brown

ncourages ENGAGEMENT when it...
  • respects diverse talents and ways of learning- Chickering
  • communicates high expectations- Chickering
  • is done in high-challenge, low-threat environments-Marchese
  • emphasizes intrinsic motivators and natural curiosities- Marchese

Learning requires
  • students organize knowledge in ways that facilitate retrieval and application- Bransford
  • students take control of their own learning: noting failures, planning ahead, apportioning time and memory to tasks- Bransford
  • it emphasizes time on task- Chickering
  • it emphasizes learner independence and choice-Marchese
  • it allows time for reflection- Marchese
  • it emphasizes higher order thinking (synthesis and reflection)- Marchese

References and Readings on Deeper Learning

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